The BirthGrave

de Tanith LEE

Collection : DAW Science Fiction

Éditeur : DAW

Poids : 210 g.

Quatrième de couverture

The place: the heart of a rumbling volcano.

The person: a woman awakening from a deathlike sleep.

The time: unknown, far from today.

The problem: her identity. Who is she? What are her powers? Where is her lover and who or what is he? What is to be her relation to the world in which she finds herself ... slave girl, goddess, nomad, or warrior?

The author: a science fiction talent to be compared only with those of C. L. Moore, Leigh Brackett, or Andre Norton. Marion Zimmer Bradley, who wrote a special introduction, says, "It's filled with adventure and beauty, rich alien names, half-sketched barbarian societies, ruined cities, decadence and wonder"; As I read this I thought most often of "The Dying Earth" stories of Jack Vance. THE BIRTHGRAVE has something of the same color and wonder... You can get involved, learn to know the people, get fully submerged in the colorful and fascinating world Tanith Lee presents. And I predict that when you, satisfied but regretful, turn over the last page, you too will wish there were more."

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